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Roman TRÄXLER was born on February 27, 1970, in Pottenbrunn, Austria.

During the period from 1985 to 1995, Roman TRÄXLER studied at the School of Music and Performing Arts and at the University of Music in Vienna concentrating on the subjects musicology / jazz – percussion (among others with Professor Walter Grassmann, Professor Fritz Ocmec and Professor Peter Legat). In 1996, he attended a course for surface design and New Media at the SAE Institut GmbH in Vienna.

After a job as percussionist and music pedagogue, Roman TRÄXLER switched to the advertising industry in 1998. As musician and composer, he published phonograms under various pseudonyms for television and radio, such as for instance ‘Scheckter – Some Kind of Moanin’ for Vienna Scientists Recordings.

In 2012, Roman TRÄXLER left the field of performing arts and turned to the field of visual arts. His paintings investigate the dark sides of life: Nihilism, existentialism, yearning and solitude, that he often opposes to a fragile beauty. The atmosphere in his paintings is often represented in a dream or surreal condition, with the use of elements of abstraction. His focus is laid on atmosphere and narration. The realism keeps his paintings open for numerous interpretations.